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Barks NV Salon & Spa Dog Grooming Reno Sparks Nevada NV

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you only groom dogs at Barks, NV?

NO! We are experienced in grooming our feline friends, as well. Your cat is constantly shedding old hairs and layers of skin. Even though your cat is always grooming himself, he will enjoy the same benefits of grooming as dogs.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Please do! We will do our best to accommodate same day or walk-ins depending on our availability. If you need to cancel your appointment, a 24-hour notice is appreciated.

At what age should my new puppy start getting bathed and groomed?

As soon as your puppy has their first series of vaccinations and remains current, at approximately 2 months of age. Starting at a young age will acclimate your puppy to the grooming process and make it a pleasurable experience. This will enhance good social skills.

How often should my pet be groomed?

After your first grooming appointment, we will recommend a grooming schedule best suited for your pet, keeping your goals in mind. Typically, we like to see pets every 4 to 12 weeks to keep the coat and skin healthy and your pet happy! Skin and health conditions are often noticed during the grooming process. Because we look closely at their ears, eyes, and teeth for example, we are likely to discover a health concern (ear infections can go unrecognized for months)! Frequent, professional grooming will especially reduce shedding to combat seasonal and hormonal changes.

Why do you express glands?

Gland expression by your experienced and trained professional groomer will help prevent impaction, infections and abscesses. If we notice a concern, we will advise you to contact your veterinarian. If you notice your pet "scooting" it may be time to bring your pet in.

Do I need an appointment to cut my pets nails?

No, nails can be clipped on a walk-in basis. Frequent nail clipping by your groomer (monthly) will help lessen the chance of arthritis. Otherwise, dogs may walk on the sides of their pads. Nail grinding can also shorten the nails and make the edges smoother. This is great for dogs that walk on hardwood floors, and especially helpful for older pets that do not wear them down naturally.

Why is ear cleaning so important?

Ear infections are very common, yet most pet owners are unaware of this painful condition. A professional groomer is trained to clean ears properly. If a suspected ear infection is noticed, we will inform you so your veterinarian can properly diagnose and dispense medication.

How do I manage the crusty gunk on my dogs eyes?

Crusts in the corner of the eyes may be painful. These crusts and discharge will be safely removed and cleaned by your professional groomer and can heal once removed during the grooming process.

What about teeth brushing?

Keeping up with your pets oral hygiene at home daily can keep them healthier and prolong their lifespan. We can add teeth brushing to your grooming appointment, however, it does not replace regular dental visits to your veterinarian.

Why should my pet be groomed during the winter? Doesn't he need his coat to grow long to keep him warm?

Barks, NV can accommodate your needs by trimming in a style that is longer with regular scheduled visits to keep the coat healthy and tangle free.